EIRP Proceedings, Vol 1 (2006)


Constantin Frosin


In this essay, the author weighs the pros and cons of the European integration of his country, Romania. Far from greeting coldly this prospective, he reviews the advantages and disadvantages of this necessary step to take. Despite his ironical tone, he never laughs in the wrong place. Making due allowance, it seems that we attend a new genesis: we all shall have a new origin! All’s well that begins well, but, all things considered, it’s a long story! But the author alternates the so-called joking tone with the seriousness of a very scrupulous documentation. He offers to his readers a lot of very precious – especially for the students - considerations and useful information about the past, the present and the future of the European Union, everything mixed by his personal points of view. All in all, this essay is a real plea for the integration of his country into the European Union.


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