EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)


Crina Alina Tagarta


Objectives: This paper aims at analyzing the chosen theme to all intents and purposes, yet emphasizing the extent of harmonization between national rules and EU regulations. Prior Work: The paper is based on the expertise in succession field, national snd European notary regulations and also on the few publiched workd within the field. Approach: Practical appearances noticed during the succession procedure containing a foreign element and the research in this field of interest were approached. Results: The paper draws attention upon the possibility of the European Union residents to make succession arrangements beforehand and it determinates that European law efficiently guarantees the rights of the inheritors, legatees and succession creditors. Implications: The object of this paper, yet of little repute within the national professional literature, meets the requirements of either the public notaries or any interested person within the European Union. Value: Through the presented perspectives, the discovery of certain scanty aspects of the related regulations and the resolutions for their coping, the paper shall step forward to earning the citizens' trust in the Public Notary institution, emphasizing a new perspective upon European succession.  


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