EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

Developing a better interaction between citizens and the municipality – study case

Catalin Vrabie


Abstract: Understanding citizen online goals is critical because it gets at the heart of what the public institution web site should or could “do”. The challenge is that for most agencies/institutions, there are likely to be multiple goals that represent the “reason why” citizen could come to the web site. Unfortunately many public institution feel that it should have an online presence only, so, many web sites are created to offer a little more than online reproductions of its services. Objectives: The purpose of this article is to provide an example of a public institution Web site, developed for a better interaction with citizens so that they may add value to their Web site. Approach This article shows the initiative of the Brasov City Hall (central Romania) to develop an online technical dispatcher. The project is consistent with initiatives undertaken at EU level - eEurope 2005, eEurope +, i2010 by adhering to the principles of interoperability, interactivity public services, trust, security, privacy, and is fully consistent with the Romanian Government strategy regarding the informatisation of the public administration. Results: Creating a dynamic Web site that contains a dispatcher component through which citizens can address in order to provide information about a specific problem encountered in the city and by that the responsible institutions to be mobilized timely. Value: Brasov City Hall Web site can be used as a frame of reference for this type of interaction because its providing to the citizens a wide range of electronic services, extended availability and increased efficiency in handling the citizens demands.


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