EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

Regional Environment Disparities and Europe 2020 Strategy’s Goals

Romeo Victor Ionescu


The paper deals with the analysis of the environmental goals’ viability in Europe 2020 Strategy. The analysis takes into consideration four indicators: total greenhouse gas emissions, share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption, primary energy consumption and final energy consumption. The analysis is built on three steps: a comparative analysis between the Member States during 2002-2014, followed by regression analysis and a forecast until 2020. The regression analysis and the forecasts are supported by SPSS19 software. All conclusions of the analysis are illustrated by the latest official statistic data, pertinent tables and diagrams. The main conclusions of the paper are: EU28 is far away of achieving the environment targets for 2020; there are great disparities between the Member States related to the environment policy.


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