EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

Communication in Multinational Companies and the Role of Developing Countries

Victor Negrescu


The developpement of world economy generated the apparition of big multinational companies that implement their activities at global level. This generates new working and communication methods and procedures designed to take advantage of the current context. Nevertheless few authors really analyzed the effects and evolutions producced by them. Our paper will therefore try to illustrate the new relations and concepts that appear within multinational companies by analyzing how the headquarter and the subsidiaries are communicating by pointing out the effects of different variables. A special point will be given to the national dimension of the subsidiaries, and especially to those in developping countries in order to identify the position of the managers and the local structures in the multinational network. Our results will help managers and academics improve the communication in multinational companies and more especially to treat their relations with their subsidiaries across the globe and particulary in developping countries. 


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