EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

Rights and Restrictions of EU Citizens within the Freedom of Movement of Persons

Diana Duca, Gabriel Gurita



This Paper aims at presenting the risks and advantages of being a citizen of the European Union Member State/s, with respect to the Freedom of Movement of Persons, with focus on the Principle of Equality and Anti- Discrimination, as enshrined by the Treaties and other incident legislative acts, at first, and then as applied by the European Court of Justice via its established case law. Moreover, the two indicated Principles are quintessential when it comes to the rights pertaining to EU citizens, and therefore other Freedoms are interpreted in the light of Equality and Anti- Discrimination, e.g. Services, Capital etc. Regardless if one is a worker, a student or just someone who wishes to exercise his/ her rights as an EU citizen in other capacities, it is highly desirable to understand the rationale behind those rights/ freedoms.

Keywords.: EU Law, Students, Workers, EU citizenship, Equality, Discrimination on grounds of nationality, ECJ Case- Law


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