EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

Improving the National and European Policies through Impact Assessment’ Implementation

Tatiana-Camelia Dogaru


Challenges for public policy became more numerous, complex and more interconnected, and modern states are forced to make important changes in the governance process and promotion of citizens’ welfare. Focusing on development of coherent public policies, the conventional approaches appear to be insufficient in clarifying and complete understanding of the many problems caused by the growing need for state intervention in all economic and social aspects and require renewal of  research’ methods. Renewing the methods of research stresses the contribution of public policy analysis to understand the current reality.

The added value of this kind of analysis consist both in instruments set used, in richness and relevance of the interpretations that this analysis allows, as well as in guiding the national and international interest towards development and using of some instruments of public policy (Lee & Kirkpatrick, 2006). The study looks at the purpose, scope and procedures of impact assessments carried out in the European Commission and several Member States of the EU.


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