EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

The impact of external public audit on the budget deficit

Cristina Batusaru, Alexandra Vasile, Iosif Moldovan, Ioana Vlada


Objectives: Public imbalances can cause extensive problems both on public finances and economy.
Regardless of the constitution and destination of funds it is absolutely necessary to verify their correct accounting, collection type and expense in accordance with applicable regulations, and if due attention is paid to obtain an optimal balance between resources and results. Therefore it is useful to study the role of public audit in the formation and use of public funds to indicate its impact on the budget balance.

Prior Work: This paper presents the evolution of synthetic budgetary indicators during 2010 - 2013 and the impact that the external public audit had on the budget deficit.

Approach: In order to highlighten the importance and necessity of public audit activity  it has been analyzed its influence in the formation and  use of public funds and the extent of implementation of the recommendations made in the audit reports.

Results: In the study conducted we have set out ​​several conclusions regarding definite reality according to which financial resources materialize a large part of GDP, so that advocates for public performance of the audit.

Implications: The need for public audit can be viewed through the prism of the three classes of economic and financial interests, namely: the interests of public entities, third party interests of consumers of public goods and services and state interests.

Value: This paper highlights the importance and the impact of public external audit activity on public financial funds and invites the interested  readers on the topic to  get involved by providing feedback in order to improve this activity in Romania.


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