EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

How Do Leaders Shape the World – Intelligence Role

Gabriela-Simona Corsatea


Living in the Era of constant change and anticipated movements seems to remain the struggling of working out the perfect global strategy, based on both well-developed cooperation skills and most of all, the supreme power conquer. The change from one domain to the other, one alliance to another, every single country comes as no surprise when the big reveal is made – whether going for an increased level of mass-destruction weapons or just a simple deception that is due to put down an entire civilization, leaders are the ones to be held responsible when bad things occur. History shows us how easily deception can be made, and how easily a poor-developed country can actually gain power over a twice as much developed one.

Those days, collaboration among cultures and countries is imminent, without which failure is closer than ever. The key is held in the Intelligence and among the main characteristics of a real leader, whose powerful and strategic skills are meant to turn him into the best decision maker of the region.


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