EIRP Proceedings, Vol 9 (2014)

The Execution of Criminal Fine Penalty

Cosmin Peneoasu


This paper aims to dissect the criminal provisions on criminal enforcement of fines in current Romanian criminal law with the goal of highlighting the new penal policy stated in the larger field of criminal penalties.

In the new Criminal Code the fine penalty experience a new regulation, but also a wider scope compared to the Criminal Code from 1968, by exponential growth of the number of offenses or variations of them for which a fine may be imposed as a unique punishment, but, especially, as alternative punishment to imprisonment. Consequently, to ensure the effectiveness of this punishment, the effective enforcement manner of the fine takes a new dimension. The study aims at both students and academics or practitioners in the making. Also, during the approach of this scientific research are highlighted the new issues that new criminal legislation brings to this institution, both in a positive, but especially under a critical manner.


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