Vol 13 (2018)

Table of Contents

Legal Sciences in the New Millennium

International Protection Regulations in the European Union PDF
Elena Loredana Pirvu

European Union and the Need to Stand up for the Universality of Human Rights in the Context of Migration PDF
Marcela Monica Stoica

Aspects on Involvement of Citizens in the Decision-Making Process of the European Institutions PDF
Adrian Țuțuianu, Florina Ramona Preda (Mureșan)

Methodological Aspects Concerning the Crime Scene Investigation in Case of Crimes against the Regime of Arms and Ammunition PDF
Nicolae Mărgărit

Reflections on the Petition Right Juridical Warranty in the Romanian Constitutional Law Doctrine PDF
Cătălin-Radu Pavel

Probative Value of Data Obtained Through Technical Surveillance PDF
Andrei Bacauanu

The Fundamental Right to a Healthy and Ecologically Harmonious Environment PDF
Liliana Niculescu

Controversial Issues on the Requests and the Exceptions Invoked in the Preliminary Chamber Procedure - Jurisprudential Issues PDF
Sandra Gradinaru

The Notions of Blockchain and Smart Contract from the Point of View of the Intellectual Property Right PDF
Radu Stancu

Confidentiality of Employment Relationships PDF
Radu Răzvan Popescu

Delimitation of Public Property. The Correlation Public Property-Public Domain PDF
Vasilica Negruț

Evading Removal Measures on the Romanian Territory According to the Romanian Law PDF
Ion Rusu

Performance and Risks in the European Economy

An Analysis of the Production Leader in the Stackelberg Model PDF
Cătălin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

An Alternative to the Electre Method PDF
Cătălin Angelo Ioan, Gina Ioan

Innovation and Development of HEIs. Competency Framework and Core Values of DUG’s Management Team PDF
Gabriela Marchis

Exploring the link between intention and behavior in consumer research PDF
Madalina Balau

Comparative Analysis of Personal Income Taxation PDF
Rodica Pripoaie

The Correlation between State Aids and Competitiveness PDF
Rodica Pripoaie

A Contested Politician, a Great Venerated Economist - Mihail Manoilescu PDF
Florin-Dan Puscaciu, Viorica Puscaciu

Aspects of the Economic Crisis in the Romanian Health System PDF
Florin-Dan Puscaciu, Rose-Marie Puscaciu

Human Capital Flight, or the Luxury of Indifference? PDF
Rose-Marie Puscaciu, Viorica Puscaciu

The Effect of Supportive Policies on SME Development – Kosovo Case PDF
Kosovare Ukshini

IT Industry and its Role in the Economic Development of Romania PDF
Dumitru Daniel Leon, Neculai Tabără

Sustainable Development of a Water Cleaning System from a Coating Section PDF
Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir

Risk of Work Place in the Context of Environmental Policies PDF
Stefan Dragomir, Georgeta Dragomir

International Relations in the Contemporary World. Geopolitics and Diplomacy

The Changing Nature of Diplomacy: Rising Powers’ Humanitarian Diplomacy Practices PDF
Ceren Urcan

Some aspects of partnership between state, business and education in training of specialists PDF
Кostyantyn Tkachenko

State-Society Relations And The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict PDF
Lucian Balanuta

The Roots of French and German Anti-Americanism PDF
Valentin Filip

Perspective on the Economic and Strategic Relations between the EU and USA Regarding the Stage of Iran Denuclearization Agreement PDF
Angela Mihaela Ene

EU Economic Security from the Perspective of the Economic Association Agreements Signed by the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia with the EU PDF
Angela Mihaela Ene

International Transport Corridors and Ukraine: Benefits of Cross-Border Cooperation with Romania PDF
Vladlen Makoukh

Interdisciplinary Dimensions of Communication Science

Private Companies in Romania - A Strategic Organizational Communication Outlook PDF
Roxana Şeitan

When the “Weaker Sex” became the “Beauty symbol” – The Feminine Beauty in the Romanian Interwar Press PDF
Fanel Teodorascu

New Trends in Psychology

Sex Education is considered a Taboo Subject in Schools from Romania PDF
Lăcrămioara Mocanu

The Ego Communication Beyond Interpersonal PDF
Lăcrămioara Mocanu

The Family Environment and its Influence on the Children’s Delinquent Behavior PDF
Susanu Neaga

Psychological representation Of Disease In Breast Cancer PDF
Decianu Cozman Anisoara

The Youth of Today - The Generation of the Global Development

International Economic Competitiveness The Case of Romania PDF
Ana Maria Raluca Păuna, Cornelia Tureac

Protection of Personal Data between EU Regulation 679/2016 and the Reality of National Security PDF
Alexandru-Adrian Eni

Refugee Crisis in Europe, an Identification Identity Crisis of a Divided Europe in Political Unity PDF
Alexandru-Adrian Eni

Theoretical and Practical Foundations on the People with Disabilities Labor Law in Romania PDF
Diana- Mihaela Malinche

The Importance of Communication and Information Securement. Cambridge Analytica Case PDF
Ana Maria Raluca Păuna, Cornelia Tureac


Et in Arcadia ego. A Semiotic Exercise regarding the Relation between Text and Image PDF
Cristinel Munteanu

Modern Consumer and CRM - Customer Relationship Management Platforms PDF
Manuela Panaitescu

Public Procurement Management - Solutions to Minimize the Risk of Irregularities PDF
Manuela Panaitescu, Doina Cucu

Organizational and Operational Management in Mass Control PDF
Petronela-Adelina Renea

Antitrust Actions in IT Domain PDF
Georgeta Modiga, Andreea Miclea, Gabriel Avramescu

Protection of Trade Secrets in the Field of Information Technology PDF
Georgeta Modiga, Andreea Miclea, Gabriel Avramescu

Violence, an element of aggravation of certain categories of crimes PDF
Alexandru Drăgănescu

Restorative Justice between Aspiration and Reality PDF
Constantin Tanase

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Right to Personal Ties to a Child who has denied his Fatherhood with the One Who has raised Him
Gabriela Lupsan

Aspects Concerning the Offense of Theft or Destruction of Writings in Romanian Law PDF
Bogdan Bîrzu

The Break of Seals in the New Romanian Criminal Code PDF
Ioana-Minodora Rusu

Forms of Influencing Young People through Media Discourse PDF
Oana Draganescu

Romanian Journalism– a Few Aspects PDF
Fanel Teodorascu

Conflict of Competence on the Investigation of Crimes against the Shipping Regime PDF
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache, Adrian Petcu

Violation of Secrecy of Correspondence - Means of Committing the Offense of Criminal Acts by Public Officials. Case Studies from the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights PDF
Ana Alina Ionescu Dumitrache, Răzvan-Alexandru Condunina, Narcisa Pintilie

Implications of Legal Misuse of Personal Data of Commercially Virtual Users PDF
Emil Alin Nedelcu, Ciprian Nicu Frangu, Florin Lucian Botoşineanu

Violation of Secrecy of Correspondence - Means of Committing the Offense of Criminal Acts by Public Officials. Case Studies from the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights PDF
Răzvan-Alexandru Condunina, Narcisa Pintilie

The Usefulness and Proportionality of the Measures in Relation to the Restriction of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms PDF
Mădălina Cristina Nistor, Ana Șerbu